Vehicle Signage

We specialize in complete vehicle signage, from small vinyl cut letters to complete car wraps. Vehicle signage acts as the ultimate “mobile billboard” for your business and is the most cost effective advertising solution.

Building a brand is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. You certainly can’t do it with one form of advertising medium. Adding vehicle graphics into your marketing mix can have a great effect on building a brand. It’s passive yet always advertising, it should be a large priority for almost any company. Why waste a perfectly good and free advertising space on your company vehicles.

Advantages of Vehicle Signage?
We specialize in complete vehicle signage, from small vinyl cut letters to complete car wraps. Vehicle signage acts as the ultimate “mobile billboard” for your business and is the most cost effective advertising solution.
Increase your Exposure
Use your vehicle to its maximum potential and turn it into a Mobile Billboard, Your vehicle can be viewed by up to 60000 people per month! Within one hour you can be seen by hundreds of potential customers.  Without Vehicle Signage every time you drive past someone or park somewhere you lose the opportunity to generate a lead or make an advertising impression
It works 24/7
Vehicle Signage is one of the few marketing tools that work 24/7. Whether you’re driving to work, at a customer’s office or at the movies your signage is working for you generating leads and making thousands of impressions.
Cost Effective
The benefit of Vehicle signage over other common advertising methods such as advertising on the Radio, TV or Newspaper is it’s a once off cost and works all day every day.
Easy to Manage
Vehicle wraps are easy to remove and change, we produce and install the vehicle signage for a very reputable clothing company, every six months as they move from their summer range to their winter range and visa versa, we re-do the signage on their vehicles to keep up to date with the seasons.
Build your Brand
Vehicle Signage is a great way to build your brand, weather you have one vehicle or several. Professional vehicle signage will add value to your company and help you attract the correct customers.

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Price Guide

One Way Vision

FROM $300

One Way Vision windows are an excellent vehicle signage option. All our One Way Vision films are coated with a UV protective laminate to protect the print from the harsh Australian climate. One Way Vision prints are a great advertising solution utilizing your available window space.

Traditional Spot Decals

FROM $300-$500

Premium Spot Decals in combination with a One Way Vision window print are our most popular vehicle signage option. Premium Spot Decals provide alot of exposure and have great impact while remaining in a very affordable price bracket. This allows for a decent amount of content to be displayed on the vehicle in the most cost effective manner.

ADD + One Way Vision Window from $270

Premium Spot Decals

FROM $500-$900

Traditional Spot Decals are one of the most cost effective approach to vehicle signage. Subtle logo’s placed on both front doors and the rear of the vehicle ensure visibility from all angles to help increase exposure and generate leads.

Tradition Spot Decals have a minimalistic approach and work well with lower budgets.

ADD + One Way Vision Window from $270

Partial Wrap

FROM $900-$2500

Partial Wraps give you the opportunity to create great brand exposure and awareness by covering a large portion of your vehicle in your company branding.

We can use a combination of solid colours or printed images across the vehicle across a portion of the vehicleto increase exposure.

ADD + One Way Vision Window from $270

Full Wrap

FROM $3000+

Full Wraps completely transform your entire vehicle into a mobile billboard for your brand. When it comes to full wraps we are only limited by our imaginations.

Popular options for full wraps include, printing the wrap then laminating in a in a gloss or matte laminate. Printed wraps are virtually limitless in regards to the design.

Alternatively we offer a wide range of stock colours including a variety of finishes such as gloss, matte, satin, metallic, reflective, brushed, peal, matte metallic and

When used correctly in a combination we can create alot of contrast in the design which can result in a truly unique and eye catching branded vehicle.

ADD + One Way Vision Window from $270

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